Established in 2006, Touch Interiors brings together stunning interior design, with inspirational lighting, to provide living spaces that make you never want to leave home.


Linnea, a graduate of KLC School of Design, is passionate about creating soothing, beautiful homes where people want to live and create. Combined with her business background, she understands the importance of combining aesthetic pleasure with value-for-money investment. The process should be exciting and enriching with results that exceed the clients' imaginations.


Beauty in interior design is achieved through the unexpected. An exceptional scheme requires us to think outside the box, playing with scale, colour and functionality. We want our homes to make us, and those who visit us, smile and relax, whilst intriguing items catch our eye. This is where Touch Interiors excel.


Alternatively, we can provide simple, efficient services for living spaces heading for the rental or sales markets. A quick paint job, a few tweaks here and there, can make all the difference in the price you will achieve and the popularity of your property.


We also provide turn-key services for first or second homes to allow owners to be involved in the vision for the project, but off-loading the stress, the strain and the man hours required. Just walk in and everything is ready for you to make a cup of tea, have a shower and unwind after a busy day.


Let Touch Interiors help transform your home...

Linnea Heaton

Founder and designer

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