Interior Design

Touch Interiors believes everyone should have access to a beautifully designed home. We  generate creative solutions to every design dilemma and maximise potential, space and light in every room.


You may have decorating ideas but need help to get started, or you may be undergoing a complete home rennovation or build...we love getting involved no matter how large or small the project.


We have implemented turn-key projects, with tight deadlines, to get apartments ready to let - everything from the teaspoons to the bedsheets, the sofas to the artwork was suggested, sourced and staged. Other projects have been worked on for months - from the initial visualisation, through complete home rennovations where only the facade remains, and ending with us visiting the site to tilt lights to spotlight artwork, and plumping and arranging new cushions. We have also been involved in many other projects with varying budgets, constraints, timescales and expectations.


To discuss your design requirements, we offer a free consultation within the M25. After this, we will contact you with a full analysis of how we can help. In addition, we share all our trade discounts with clients so we actually end up saving you money and time.


Ready to get started? Please get in touch.

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"Fashion fades, style is eternal"

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